Branding & Marketing

I am constantly seeking opportunities to engage in next-level content creation and creative management. Whether wrangling musicians, building ad campaigns or designing graphics for print and digital distribution, I am happy to be that shining metal gear in the machine that is your passion, cranking out quality work day in and day out.

Young and fresh, I am a creative thinker, often playing devil’s advocate in order to explore new ideas when necessary. However, I will also be the first to recognize the success potential of a collaborator’s plan and will do everything I can to help a project realize its full potential. I’m easy to work with and I try to elevate every project I undertake.

Specialties: Digital Marketing, corporate branding, web design and development, HTML5 animation, social media management, AE animation and video production.

From Ty Jones, Board Chair of the Classical Theatre of Harlem:

Alessandro’s contributions to the success of CTH are virtually unmatched.

He persists through obstacles and remains optimistic in the face of challenges. He generates relevant solutions to breakdowns. Alessandro works independently and is able to follow through to ensure that tasks get done. He is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned.

Mr. Chille’ is always honest and ethical; assumes responsibility for mistakes; acts in a respectful, mature manner toward supervisors, co-workers, and interns.

Alessandro is that person who is behind the scenes fueling the success of what’s out front. He thrives in a team atmosphere. If he were a professional athlete he would be the point guard. He makes everyone around him better at what they do.

This is the person you’d like to build a company around, hands down.

From Rocco Natale of Shakespeare on the Sound:

I have had the pleasure of working with Alessandro on developing and implementing social media platforms for Shakespeare on the Sound’s 2010 season. Mr. Chille is extremely knowledgeable about online marketing, as well as how to maximize the effect of a social media outlet.

Alessandro has his finger on the pulse of social media trends and is more than capable to advise in this field. In addition to his understanding of how social media functions, Alessandro has an excellent eye for aesthetics which is a useful and necessary tool when marketing.